At HiConsulting Services, we tailor each business consultation to the individuals we work with. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our career coaching services, but there is one common thread to all services we provide: our commitment to our clients and their success.

HiConsulting Services believes you have the power to make your career dreams come true. We help you get there, with professional career services including resume creation, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, cover letter copywriting, mentoring and more.

We work with professionals from all types of backgrounds, from all types of industries, from businesses of all shapes and sizes. Check out a few of our diverse case studies and testimonials from clients we’ve helped. Learn how we assist clients in honing career goals so they can go after their ideal careers.

Client Success Stories

Jane, a mid-level marketing associate, worked for an agency with a solid client base, receiving standard pay and benefits. Jane felt stagnant and felt that her skills were underutilized. HiConsulting Services helped Jane identify a target role and companies, focusing on roles that enabled career growth. HiConsulting Services launched a job search campaign for Jane, helping her apply to more than 50 roles through job boards over 2 months. HiConsulting Services expanded Jane’s virtual network by 40% through LinkedIn networking and by hosting virtual coffees with at least 3 people per week. Jane went to 12 interviews across 4 companies and received 2 job offers. She accepted an offer with a small marketing agency that has a positive company culture, where she received continued education provided by the company, and the ability to lead projects and the community involvement team.

Joe, a VP of a Silicon Valley startup, wanted to relocate from San Francisco to Phoenix. HiConsulting Services helped him identify a target role and companies. HiConsulting Services launched a job search campaign for Joe, helping him apply to more than 100 roles through job boards over 4 months. HiConsulting Services expanded Joe’s virtual network by 20% through LinkedIn networking and by hosting virtual coffees with at least 2 people per week. Joe went to 18 interviews across 5 companies and received 3 job offers. He accepted an offer with a small consulting firm with the option to work remotely, which he calls the “pinnacle of his career.”


Selected Client Testimonials

“If you’re looking to update your CV or resume, do right by yourself and work with Hillary. She provided me with an affordable and in-depth review of my resume with a very quick turnaround time, which allowed me to start applying for new jobs much sooner than I expected. I saw a dramatic increase in the number of phone and in-person interviews I received after utilizing her services, including the job I was ultimately hired for just 5 months after she completed her review. Working with her was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made, and I recommend that you make that same great decision for yourself.” – Benjamin T., Assistant Director

“Thanks to Hillary I was able to land my dream job! She helped me understand how the Applicant Tracking System works to bring more visibility to my resume and also used her networking expertise to ensure I connected with my dream company in a way that stood out. Hillary is an incredibly supportive person who genuinely cares about your career success. I highly recommend HiConsulting to anyone seeking career guidance!” – Andrea S., Enterprise Client Success Manager

“I can’t thank Hillary enough for her career guidance and resume help. I had been without work or any prospects for 6 months and Hillary gave me an education in how to format a resume properly and assisted me with reformatting mine so I might have some better luck in my search. I’m now enjoying my second month in my new job and couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank Hillary enough for her help and highly recommend reaching out to her if you find yourself in a similar situation.” – Adam S., Professional Artist

“Since day one, I have found Hillary to be a marvelous blend of professional, confident and expert in her field. She has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and help you get to where you want to go. She always had time for me when I reached out and made me feel comfortable throughout this process. I highly recommend her to help you, as well.” – Traci Y., Administrative & Customer Service Professional, Office Management & Business Operations

“For anyone that needs a professional update to their resume, I highly recommend HiConsulting Services. I was looking to revamp my resume and was struggling to find the right content and present myself in a way that would stand out from others. Hillary was able to spend quality time with me over the phone to help identify and prepare my resume for the right job. Hillary was very thorough in gathering necessary information to build my resume. The end result was amazing. I have a clear, succinct resume that highlights my talents and achievements. If you are looking for professional help with either your resume or LinkedIn profile, I highly recommend using Hillary Kuenn and her team. She was very responsive and timely every time I had a question.” –Shane B., Learning & Development Professional

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