Meet HiConsulting Services President & Founder, Hillary Kuenn

Meet HiConsulting Services President & Founder, Hillary Kuenn

Hillary Kuenn started HiConsulting Services as a side gig, because she was passionate about helping people in the Phoenix community develop their careers and go after their dreams and goals. With 10+ years of experience working in employee engagement in human resources and career services roles, her career coaching business took off. Since securing LLC status and going full-time in 2017, she’s helped more than 1,000 clients achieve meaningful career goals.

Her work at HiConsulting Services includes professional coaching, resume reviews and editing, LinkedIn profile creation and interview preparation. HiConsulting Services serves clients across the country, ranging from C-Suite executives to career changers and college grads.

Hillary also provides expert human resources, operations, management, sales and staffing consulting to small businesses.

So who are you working with when you enlist HiConsulting Services for career consulting or small business consulting services? Let’s get to know the HiConsulting Services president and founder, from where her love for helping others comes from to how she’s transforming business landscapes in Phoenix and beyond.

Hillary’s Journey to Business Owner

Hillary has always been interested in people and organizations and what makes them tick. As a kid, when people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’d respond, “I want to be a thinker.”

She went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology, honing her expertise on how individuals, groups and business teams work together. Her master’s research proposal was on employee engagement, a business principle she remains focused on today.

Before founding HiConsulting Services, Hillary spent a decade serving clients and sales teams in a variety of industries, including for an animal hospital and veterinary clinic, as Business Development Manager for and as Director of Strategic Partnership Development for customer experience consultant Satrix Solutions.

With HiConsulting Services, Hillary provides career coaching and small business services while managing a team of executive and technical resume copywriters. She is a frequent speaker, trainer and webinar host, providing instruction on interview preparation, resume services, LinkedIn profiles and more.

Passion for Helping Local Businesses

Hillary serves clients throughout the U.S. and is an active member of the Phoenix business community. She speaks at 10+ Phoenix events each year and hosts free monthly webinars. She has contributed 60+ hours of volunteer service hours every year since 2017.

Hillary’s community volunteer titles include:

Hillary believes outstanding people create outstanding businesses. As an active volunteer in the community, she supports local businesses and professionals with career and small business guidance that drive growth and innovation.

Hillary’s Interests Outside of Work

When she’s not serving clients or the community in professional roles, Hillary is always on the lookout for ways to have fun in Arizona. One of her favorite places to be is out on the water, boating or fishing at spots like Lake Pleasant or Chevelon Lake. She also loves camping and hiking, experiencing the beautiful outdoors the Grand Canyon State offers.

Hillary’s an animal lover and has two dogs, Floyd, a border collie, and Luna, a white German Shepherd. She and her partner Mike also have an orange cat named Fiction.

Hillary has a taste for adventure and has been riding motorcycles since she was a kid. She frequently rides up to Crown King, Arizona, to watch her favorite football team, the Arizona Cardinals. She even rode her bike in a monsoon storm outside Mayer, Arizona, once.

Hillary also enjoys traveling. From Alaska to Florida, Mexico to Spain and everywhere in-between, Hillary loves exploring new parts of the country and meeting the great people in their communities.

What’s It Like to Use Hillary as a Career Coach or Consultant?

When you work with Hillary for career coaching, resume writing, interview prep, LinkedIn help, small business consulting or any other HiConsulting Services, know that you’re getting a dedicated partner who cares about your success. Hillary makes it her mission to help her clients find rewarding work or improve their businesses.

Hillary learns all about your unique career goals or business needs and creates a plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. She prides herself on excellent communication, transparency and collaboration. She’s with you every step of the way throughout the process to ensure you meet your objectives.

Want to meet Hillary and see if she and HiConsulting Services are a fit for you? Get in touch for a free consultation. Email [email protected] or call (623) 738-4470 to chat with Hillary.