Everything DiSC®

Hillary Kuenn is a certified facilitator for three DiSC disciplines: Everything DiSC Workplace®, Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™, and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®. These toolkits may be utilized as part of an individual career coaching or life coaching agreement, or as a customized workshop for your small business team.

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Interview Preparation

Nail your next job interview with interview prep services like mock interviews, in-person interview prep and more. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Resumes, LinkedIn & More

Our resume services include ATS resume testing, entry level through executive resumes, federal resumes and more. Contact for a free resume consultation.

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    What does HiConsulting Services do?

    HiConsulting Services works with individuals to provide career coaching, improve resumes and cover letters, optimize LinkedIn profiles and develop your personal brand.

    What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

    Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a tool used in the recruitment process. ATS searches your resume for key items such as dates, skills and keywords that relate to the position you are applying for.

    Do all companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

    Not all companies have made the switch to ATS. However, there are some free online tools that are very similar to ATS. It’s important to note that even if you have a personal connection through your network, your resume will typically need to be submitted to the company’s applicant tracking system for compliance reasons. 

    Do I really need to upgrade my resume?

    Current hiring automation requires a resume that is written to get found.  Using old resume writing techniques will cause the hiring manager to totally miss your resume, even if you’re perfect for the job.  Let us show you how to update your resume and get that interview.

    What can I do to my resume to make it better for Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

    • Adding a “Skills” section at the beginning of your resume and list the top keywords from the job advertisement.
    • Only use black font. Some ATS convert resumes into plain text and will only see words in black font
    • Include education and certifications, even if they are in progress. If you have not yet completed your degree or program, use the phrase “Pursuing XYZ Certification”
    • Upload your resume in word (.doc, .docx) file formats instead of PDFs. Some ATS such as Jobvite cannot read PDF files correctly.
    • Completely spell out terms in addition to abbreviations and acronyms. For example, Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
    • Less is More. Some ATS calculate your match rate based on signal-to-noise ratio. Meaning, the more irrelevant text you have, the lower you’ll rank in the ATS.

    What is the turnaround time for resume writing?

    A typical engagement will last 7-10 business days. A resume analysis is completed within the first 48 hours and an initial resume draft is delivered within the next 5-7 business days.

    However, the length of a resume writing project varies depending on your career stage and services selected.

    Expedited resume writing services are available upon request.

    How many times may I revise my resume?

    We don’t always get things right the first time around. So, we allow for up to 2 resume revisions within 30 days.