Group Coaching

Linked In

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly, list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. Your LinkedIn profile is often where potential prospects and employers first meet you.

Interview Cheat Sheet

The must-have “interview cheat sheet” loaded with interviewing questions, answers, and insider strategies to ace your next interview. Includes exclusive interviewing strategies from past clients who got the job!

Salary Negotiation

What are you worth in today’s job market? Find out and negotiate the best salary by loading up on compensation strategies and links to expert websites to research salaries by job role, industries and cities. Don’t accept your new job

Be Prepared

Where will you meet your next employer? It’s a question that cannot be answered, so you should always be prepared for critical touch points with prospective employers – and discover where you might bump into them.

Pro Resume Toolbox

Exclusive “Professional Resume Toolbox” includes easy to use resume templates – just drop in your content and go! Includes instructions, resume samples and polished templates to help put you in high demand and stand out from your competition!

Career Roadmap

Changing roles, companies or industries requires a well-executed career change plan. When you have the right roadmap, you’ll start receiving more opportunities, making the career you want not only achievable but inevitable.

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Hillary Kuenn is an ambitious, responsible and compassionate leader. I’ve known Hillary for several years and have had the opportunity to work with her, both under her guidance and in a collaborative capacity. She’s not one to settle for mediocrity, is consistent in her attention detail, and extremely intentional in implementing a clear vision and strategy as a business development manager. Hillary is also a great coach, providing encouragement and motivation, but also an objective opinion when you need to hear it. I highly recommend Hillary if have the opportunity to work with her. She is a business changer.

Robert C
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