Group Coaching

Career Discovery

What do you want to be when you grow up? We were all asked that question as a child, but perhaps the more important question is; How do you get there? Identifying the right company, culture, and position is the first step in any career change.

Resume Building

Exclusive “Professional Resume Toolbox” includes easy to use resume templates – just drop in your content and go! Includes instructions, resume samples and polished templates to help put you in high demand and stand out from your competition!

LinkedIn Optimization

Learn how to share your professional story online with a LinkedIn profile optimization guide. This simple step-by-step guide covers LinkedIn best practices and more, so recruiters will knock at your door with the perfect opportunity!

Interviewing Smart

The must-have “interview cheat sheet” loaded with interviewing questions, answers, and insider strategies to ace your next interview. Includes exclusive interviewing strategies from past clients who got the job!

Salary Negotiation

What are you worth in today’s job market? Find out and negotiate the best salary by loading up on compensation strategies and links to expert websites to research salaries by job role, industries and cities. Don’t accept your new job before finding the answers.


Where will you meet your next employer? It’s a question that cannot be answered, so you should always be prepared for critical touch points with prospective employers – and discover where you might bump into them.


Leadership Styles for New Managers

Did you know that we all approach leadership in different ways? A leadership style is a leader’s method of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Learn your leadership style with a combination of personality, emotional intelligence and DISC assessments.

Networking & Relationship Building Techniques

Networking should be at the core of your career, but it can also make a business more successful overall. Explore ways to build meaningful relationships with those in your professional circle for continued growth and advancement.

Sales Techniques for Service Organizations

Reach your sales goals with our effective, research-based Sales Training Program. Learn the secrets to effective sales techniques, customer service and more in a group or individual setting. Virtual training options are available.