Interview Preparation

Interview Prep Services

You’ve perfected your resume. Your LinkedIn profile is looking good. Next up: the interview.

Your job interview can make or break your job search. It’s a chance for hirers to get to know you on a personal level. Your interview determines if you’re a fit for the job you’re going after, as well as the company culture where you’re applying.

Don’t miss out on your dream career because of an interview gone wrong. HiConsulting Services offers interview preparation services including:

  • Mock interviews
  • Skills-based interviews
  • Technical interviews
  • Unstructured interviews
  • Phone interviews
  • In-person interviews

We’re career consultant experts who will prepare you for any interview at whatever stage you’re at in the interview process.

Some jobs require half a dozen or more interviews in multiple settings. From phone interviews to group interviews to free-flowing interviews, we’ll arm you with the skills you need to succeed at your next interview. Contact us for effective interview prep services.

Interview Preparation to Help You Succeed

Talking with interviewers one-on-one or in a group setting is stressful for many job candidates. Personalized interview preparation helps you:

  • Anticipate the questions that will be asked, based on your industry, your experience and the position you’re applying for
  • Practice your answers so that they’re informative, effective and impactful
  • Grow your confidence as a public speaker so that you’re relaxed and self-assured in your interview
  • Make a meaningful connection with your interviewer(s)

During HiConsulting Service’s interview preparation, we’ll run you through the most common interview questions, as well as job-specific questions to be prepared for. You’ll receive detailed feedback to improve upon your answers. When you go to your next interview, you’ll be prepared to make a positive impression on your interviewer(s).

You’ll learn techniques such as:

  • How to describe yourself as a professional and why you’d be an excellent fit for the job you’re applying for
  • How to address the skills and experience you offer
  • How to explain why you’d be a good culture fit for the company you’re applying for
  • How to describe your greatest professional achievements
  • How to detail difficult work situations or projects you’ve experienced and how you overcame them
  • How to explain why you left your old job or why you’re seeking a new job
  • How to convey salary expectations
  • How to ask your interviewer thoughtful questions

Talking about yourself in a job interview may seem easy. But once you’re on the phone or in the room with an interviewer, it can be intimidating. Interview prep enables you to refine your answers and deliver an effective interview.

Contact HiConsulting Services for a Free Interview Prep Consultation

The HiConsulting Services team is here to help you with interview prep services for your career journey. The interview is a crucial, often-final step to landing your dream career.

Don’t let common interview pitfalls get in your way of getting the job you want. Prepare with interview services that will help you succeed at your next interview.

Call HiConsulting Services at 623-738-4470 to set up an appointment. Or, connect with us online for more information.

Use our conference room for your interview!

Do you have an upcoming virtual interview and need privacy? Are you interviewing a candidate and need a place to meet? Or maybe you just need to focus on a project?

Use our conference room!

Our 6-person conference room comes complete with a large flat screen TV (HDMI connect), seating for up to 6 people and plenty of coffee, tea and water. Wi-fi access is also provided.

Reservations must be booked in advance with a one-hour minimum rental ($25/hour). Schedule your time here.

As per local ordinances, masks must be worn in all common areas including the lobby, hall, breakroom and restroom.