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Resume Review & Resume Writing Services
Our resume services include ATS resume testing, entry level through executive resumes, federal resumes and more.

Resume Writing & Resume Reviews

Your resume is one of the most powerful tools for finding meaningful, fulfilling work. A resume needs to:

  • Clearly explain your qualifications
  • Compellingly attract and retain attention
  • Be searchable for online job portals and recruiters online
  • Result in an invitation for a job interview

HiConsulting Services specializes in resume review and resume writing services. Our team creates a resume that effectively highlights your skills and experience in a beautifully designed, online search-ready document. We learn your capabilities and showcase them in a resume that helps you achieve your career goals. Contact us for a free consultation for how we can help you.

Resume Services

Our resume services start with a resume review. We provide you with a comprehensive resume questionnaire to guide the process, so we can learn about your achievements and discover how they relate to your career goals.

You detail your work experience, what you want from a career, why you’re on a career search, examples of jobs you want and what you consider to be your most significant career accomplishments. This information informs your new resume creation.

We run your current resume through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) resume testing, to identify formatting and copywriting issues that may be negatively impacting your resume’s visibility online and its effectiveness with hirers. These include:

  • Spelling errors
  • Overused words and repetitiveness
  • Length
  • Use of passive voice
  • Clarity issues
  • Keyword optimization

In addition to identifying issues like these, we determine if you have skills that are missing from your current resume that should be added to your new one. You may be missing complete sections but have the background to fill them, which could help in your career search.

We then optimize your current resume to best reflect your skills and accomplishments. We position your experience in a way that’s most relevant to your current career goals. Using search-optimized keywords that align with your experience and your desired position, we build a new resume designed to:

  • Be found online by recruiters
  • Retain attention once it’s viewed
  • Result in an interview for the position you’re applying for

You’ll also receive instructions on how to update your resume as you apply for different positions.

If you are changing careers, you want to update your resume for what’s next, or you need a brand-new resume, we can help with all types of resume services.

Resume Specialties

HiConsulting Services provides resume writing services for resumes for all industries, including:

  • Entry level resumes, ideal for soon-to-be or recent college graduates and career changers
  • Management resumes, for current and aspiring managers
  • Executive resumes, for current and aspiring C-Suite executives
  • Technical resumes, for professionals in technology roles
  • Federal resumes, for positions within the federal government

Our expert copywriters and career coaching professionals improve your resume so it is more effective, captivating and searchable. We can help you create a resume that helps you land your dream career.

LinkedIn Review, LinkedIn Optimization & LinkedIn Profile Setup
Need to create a LinkedIn page or edit a LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive to recruiters? We can help.

LinkedIn Profile Set-Up, Review & Optimization

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you should have a presence on LinkedIn. More than 77% of recruiters use LinkedIn, the most-used channel for recruitment.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site with more than 660 million users in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe. Your LinkedIn profile can play a significant role in helping you land your dream career.

At HiConsulting Services, we specialize in LinkedIn services. These include:

  • LinkedIn review
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • LinkedIn profile set-up
  • LinkedIn copywriting, including headline and summary statement creation and/or optimization

Contact us for a free LinkedIn consultation to see how we can help.

Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

If you’re not using LinkedIn, recruiters may not find you. If you apply for a job and lack a LinkedIn profile, you may not progress in the interview process. Today, hirers view LinkedIn profiles as closely as they do resumes.

LinkedIn may work similarly to other social networks like Facebook, but posting the wrong content on LinkedIn looks bad to hirers. An optimized LinkedIn profile:

  • Captures attention and ignites interest
  • Is optimized for online search, using keywords that relate to your experience and the jobs you want
  • Qualifies you as a candidate for your ideal positions

According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn’s growth has outpaced Facebook’s and Twitter’s since 2016. The recruiters you want to reach are on LinkedIn. So are the candidates you’re competing with for the position you want.

HiConsulting LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with peers in your industry and hiring managers. Your LinkedIn profile provides a powerful first impression of who you are as a job candidate. Make sure you’re making the right impact with your LinkedIn profile.

HiConsulting Services will examine your current LinkedIn profile to alert you to issues that may be impacting your job growth. These could include:

  • Spelling errors
  • Inconsistencies with your resume
  • Profile photo and background photo issues
  • Incompleteness
  • Lack of keywords
  • Missing skills and recommendations

We use insights from you, as well as your resume and past experience, to create a LinkedIn profile that hirers respond to. We position your experience, achievements, qualifications and skills in an effective LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile becomes a valuable extension of you as a job candidate. It can help you land your next dream career role.

If you are new to LinkedIn and need a profile, we’ll build a complete profile for you that gets you seen. Using keyword optimization, your LinkedIn profile will be search-friendly for recruiters and will portray you compellingly as a candidate to hirers you may be interviewing with.

Cover Letter Writing Services, Professional Bios
HiConsulting Services provides copywriting services including cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters and pro biographies.

Cover Letters, Thank You Letters, Resignation Letters, Pro Bios & More

Written communication is an important part of most jobs today. If you communicate with clients, coworkers or your boss through any type of email or writing, your employer will want to know you’re a competent communicator.

A cover letter makes a powerful impression for how you communicate. A 2019 study by The Ladders found the majority of employers require a cover letter from applicants. Even when a cover letter isn’t required, sending a personalized cover letter with your resume may help you stand out among applicants.

HiConsulting Services provides cover letter copywriting services, consultations and personalized recommendations. According to a 2019 report by CNBC, you should never send a cover letter that is generic or that simply restates what’s already on your resume. If you’re applying for a job through a personal referral, or you have a previous connection with the company you’re applying with, a cover letter is essential. If you’re going after your dream job, you should use a cover letter to convey your enthusiasm and passion when applying.

Don’t risk sending a cover letter that is boring or that has been recycled. Hirers and recruiters see through this. That makes a bad impression. Contact HiConsulting Services for cover letter assistance. We also offer additional copywriting services for thank you letters, resignation letters, professional biographies and more.

Thank You Letter Copywriting

A cover letter influences the first impression you make. A thank you letter can solidify a meaningful connection and move you a step closer to getting the job.

Send a captivating thank you letter that continues to engage the person or people you’ve met during the interview process. HiConsulting Services can help you craft a personalized thank you letter that is relevant to the job you’ve applied for and that will positively impact the person you interviewed with.

Resignation Letter Copywriting

In any industry, your reputation matters. If you’ve made the decision to leave a position, make your exit graceful and respectful with an effective resignation letter.

HiConsulting Services provides resignation letter copywriting so your letter clearly explains to your employer that you intend to resign, that offers gratitude and that provides intent to assist with a transition.

You may want a recommendation from your employer in the future, or a new employer may reference check the one you’re leaving. There may even be an instance where you want to go back to the employer you’re resigning from. A resignation letter ensures a smooth transition as you leave your company to move on to a new opportunity.

Professional Biographies

From LinkedIn profiles to a personal website, a professional biography clearly explains who you are as a professional and how you bring value to your industry and field. An effective professional biography could lead to your next job if the right person sees it and finds it to be meaningful.

HiConsulting Services offers professional biography copywriting for any type of need. You might want several versions of a professional biography for a variety of needs, from websites to conferences, with a variety of word count requirements. We can help you craft a professional biography that’s concise, comprehensive or anything in-between. Capture attention with your biography and make sure it accurately and meaningfully describes who you are as a professional.

Other Professional Copywriting Services

HiConsulting Services can help with any type of copywriting needs you have to advance your career. The written word matters to hirers, recruiters and executives. Make sure the way you’re communicating through writing is making the best impression.

Call HiConsulting Services at 623-738-4470 for how we can help you. You can also send us an email at [email protected] for more information.